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High-conflict personalities and child custody

Since famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow announced that she and her husband were "consciously uncoupling" the media has been focusing on the positives of an amicable split. Along with this, there has been a lot of media coverage about the benefits to children for those parents that choose to go through the divorce process without a lot of conflict. Many experts agree with this sentiment and stress that parents should try to work through their child custody issues and come to an agreement that works for them.

However, this approach will not work for every Texas couple. Some experts have said that there needs to be more attention for those couples that simply cannot not come to these types of agreements. In some situations, there is one parent that refuses to cooperate. This high-conflict parent seems to fight every decision until the end. This parent may not be willing to co-parent with the other, or willing to sign any agreement with the person's soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Texas divorces and protecting finances

People often focus on the emotional hardships that divorce can sometimes cause when going through the process. People worry about how the divorce effects their children, their extended families and their friends. The emotional loss and stress is often at the forefront of their minds.

However, as they come to terms with these difficult emotions, there are also financial concerns to consider. Texas residents need to understand that financial decisions made in a divorce can have a long term impact on each person. From the moment people decide to divorce, they also need to make the decision to protect their finances. People may feel the effect immediately -- since the same amount of money will now need to run two households. But, long term effects may be harder to see.

16 arrested for unpaid child support in Texas

Likely, many Texas residents don't connect family court with criminal charges. However, there are times when family law issues can result in criminal charges for people. In particular, when it comes to child support criminal penalties can ensue if parent's fail to pay according the child support order.

Under Texas law, a parent that fails to pay child support can be arrested. That person can be charged with contempt of court as a result of the arrest. If found guilty, the person can be sentenced to up to six months in jail. This arrest and subsequent jail time could also result in embarrassment, problems at work and time away from their children.

Texas couples can choose collaborative divorce

Many Texas residents do not have frequent contact with family law courts. Often, people only need family law courts when they are dealing with stressful and difficult situations like child custody disputes or a divorce. Therefore, people may have a negative view of the divorce process, or of family law in general. However, the family law system is really in place to try to resolve conflicts. While it can at times be adversarial, it doesn't have to be.

Over the last few years, a new method of divorcing, in particular, has become popular. That is collaborative divorce. Recently, a conference was held in Texas discussing the benefits of this innovative method.

High asset divorces can include higher education costs

A divorce can be a very emotional time for any Texas couple. When that couple happens to be involved in a high asset divorce, the emotional stress is added to concerns over finances. In cases of high asset divorces financial assets have to be divided equitably so that each person has the ability to move forward following a divorce.

Therefore, there can be extra stress created by complex asset division, property interests, real estate and business assets. In addition to these considerations, people may also want to ensure that their children are going to be taken care of following a divorce. While child support will be ordered by the court, some couples will choose to go farther and make sure the divorce addresses how to split the costs of higher education.

Galveston woman in child custody dispute disappears

There are few things that Texas parents will fight for as hard as they will fight for their children. When a couple gets divorced, their need to protect their children can create a lengthy and difficult child custody battle.. Parents will go to great lengths to protect the best interests of the children and to make sure that they get to see their children as often as possible.

In some cases, people will even take child custody matters into their own hands to do what they think is best in their minds. Parental abduction is one extreme reaction that leaves one parent without any acces to a child whatsoever. But Texas residents should know that this type of action can lead to criminal charges.

Property division and debt in Texas divorces

Divorce has so many emotional consequences that sometimes it can be easy to forget about the practical effects divorce has. During a divorce, a Texas couple is literally splitting their lives into two. Every part of their lives including the time spend with children, their money, their property and more has to be separated. When people are dealing with the pain, it can be hard to focus on anything else.

However, people need to make sure that they make property division issues a priority in their divorce, or else they can end up facing significant financial problems down the road. In particular, people need to understand how debt is dealt with during a divorce. For most residents, their divorce won't likely include splitting millions of dollars in assets. But, many people have significant debts.

Entertainer Ludacris ordered to pay child support

Financial support from both a child's parents is as important as physical attention. The cost of raising a child in Texas is continuously increasing. Without financial support, a child's every day expenses, medical needs and extracurricular expenses may not be met. Therefore, when children's parents are no longer a couple, a family law court will often order child support. This support ensures that a child continues to receive the financial support the child needs and deserves.

However, parents often disagree with the court and with each other over how much child support should be paid for the child. This is true even for famous couples, who many people typically think have a lot of money.

February is not just for love, but also divorce

For some Texas residents, February may seem like a month full of love. With Valentine's Day during the middle of the month, people are surrounded by loving images, romantic deals, hearts and love stories. While this romantic ideal may be the norm for some couples, many Texas residents are unhappy in their marriage and looking to make a change.

For these married couple divorce is likely the answer. In fact, February often marks a high point in the number of divorces that are files each year. Many family law professionals say that in the months following the holidays, more people choose to make a change and file for divorce. Experts say that people often don't want to add additional stress to the holidays and therefore hold off until the New Year to explore their options for divorce.

Texas police may not enforce child custody orders

When parents divorce they have to make decisions about their children. Children lives can be turned upside down during a divorce as parents try to figure out what child custody agreement will work best for their children. If parents cannot decide who should have physical custody over the children or work out a parenting time schedule, then Texas courts will determine a child custody arrangement in the best interests of the child.

When child custody orders are put in to place by a court, the agreement becomes an order that both parents must follow. However, there are times when parents are still unhappy with the agreement and decide not to uphold its terms. In these cases, criminal law provides some punishments for interference with child custody.

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